Isis van der Knaap (1996) is an artist and art teacher based in Amsterdam. Besides her bachelor in art education, she graduated in art history with a minor in aesthetics at the University of Amsterdam.

Her work is mainly in (analog and digital) photography, collage, film, print and digital media. She is often inspired by spaces and objects she encounters in everyday life.

Ever since she started photographing every day in 2014 Isis van der Knaap has become fascinated by everyday objects she encountered in the public space. A lost shoe, a shopping cart, a crumpled canvas. In her visual work she wants to alienate things that normally seem so daily. During her bachelor to be an art teacher, her work has become more autobiographical and reflective, but alienation has continued to play a major role.

In addition, the connection between image and text is an important theme for her work. How do you translate a story into an image? What happens if the text appears next to the visual? If a text can be visual, does this also work the other way around?

Isis van der Knaap likes to work from the medium, with a preference for photography. This medium is very intuitive, but can take on a more layered meaning afterwards.

Aside from autonomous work, she also photographs and designs on commission.